• Diversification through Multinational citizenship/residency
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    Diversification through Multinational citizenship/residency

    Multinational Citizenship/Residency

    Every person is born into a nation, recognized as a citizen of that nation, and then receives all the rights of that nation. The average person remains citizen of only this country they were born into. A small percentage diversify, immigrating to other countries and expanding their repertoire of citizenships and residencies. By expanding one's portfolio of familiar countries and residencies and citizenships one receives many more types of benefits from each nation they nationalize into or live within.

    The intelligent businessperson can diversify their business based on nations they nationalize into. Taking advantage of low tax havens and duty-free zones for import and export of goods. Trading commodities around the globe from low income economies to high income economies in a form of economic arbitrage. When done ethically and responsibly this can actually help balance economies globally, but if done strictly for greed by monopolistic international corporations it will do just the opposite. As your own individual free agent entrepreneur however, you literally open the door to a whole world of opportunities.

    If you have a job that can be done remotely via the internet, then you are already free to move internationally and start diversifying. The cost of living is incredibly low in places such as Thailand, Viet Nam, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador and Bolivia. This allows you to rent nice homes in beautiful locations, while having your own gardener and house cleaner coming by throughout the week to keep everything in order, allowing you to focus on your passion.

    Another major benefit of getting a second or third citizenship or residency are that they allow you to work in the country without requiring specific work visa's. So if you are looking to work abroad, you might want to get residency or nationalize. However, you generally need to show that you earn money outside the country in order to apply for some residencies, or prove that you have unique skills to offer the country.

    Finally, and most importantly, it's of huge benefit to have multiple citizenships so that you can give up citizenship in any country that may add restrictive laws to their citizenship responsibilities. This could include requiring tax on world-earned income, or anti-privacy laws that are too intrusive. Countries that would do such things are just moving dangerously closer towards centralized ideals of control and restriction, and it's best to avoid them. They limit your business dealings as much as they limit your personal freedoms.

    Add it all together, and it makes more sense to diversify and choose your countries wisely. Nationalize with countries that protect your privacy and your personal rights and freedoms, and avoid countries that restrict your rights and freedoms. By doing this, you open up opportunities for work, international trade, utilizing economies for more affordable living, finding peace and harmony amongst nations you respect and more easily realizing a sustainable lifestyle.

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  • New Paradigm and New Government System
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    New Paradigm & New Government System

    A new world needs a new paradigm and a new system. We can't continue on with corrupt governments serving their own purposes. Politicians in power seem to sell off public resources and management of resources to third-party corporate interests. Eventually the government will have nothing to manage and no resources at their disposal. Ironically this would nullify the use of governments in the first place and their jobs.

    However, it's not the job of the government to sell off OUR resources and their 'responsibilities' to corporate interests. This should be illegal just by the very nature of it. The government and it's politicians are supposed to be managing these resources responsibly and for the best interest of the people. How did the world get so off track with what's right?

    The new paradigm of government will be a lot prettier than what we're experiencing now. We've been upgrading all our technologies regularly, and increasing our pool of knowledge and abilities. Yet we haven't yet upgraded our governmental system. This is only due to the fact that an upgrade of government would mean an inability for much of the corrupt acts that are continuing to this day in governments around the world. The second big irony here is that the corrupt politicians are the ones that must make the changes and upgrade the government system. So it's very unlikely that these political criminals would ever choose to upgrade to a transparent system that reveals their scams and schemes of embezzlement and removes their ability to continue corrupt actions.

    It is an inevitable change that is coming, whether it happens due to political actions, the dawning of new nations with new systems to attract citizens from corrupt nations, or through revolutionary actions of the citizens standing up to their governments and demanding change. Perhaps even arresting their previous corrupt politicians like what was the case fairly recently in Iceland.

    It is certainly time for change! Long overdue, and we're all ready. We stand up and protest in large numbers as in the 'Occupy' movement and standing against corporate-government interests such as the WTO and such. We are ready for action, though I believe that our actions must be wise. Simply protesting is not enough, and does move us forward towards our real goals. It is far too easy to ignore protests and protesters.

    We cannot attack the beast straight on. First we must weaken it. The people's faith in their nations is what gives them the most strength. So the first strategy is to teach people the truth of what is going on. At the same time we must present options, opportunities, and solutions to many of the problems and issues that governments currently do nothing to solve. Meanwhile we must strategically be setting up new communities that will become the future nations. These communities must start up as grassroots movements to create sustainability on the local scale first. Networking with other grassroots sustainable communities then creates the greater network and the numbers of citizens to claim sovereign nation status. Our own micro-currencies within the communities themselves and community network will serve to stabilize our economies backed by our resources and commodity surpluses. Our ingenuity and technologies will serve to make our communities easily sustainable with very efficient operations.

    However obvious this future path looks to us as the road to success and a peaceful life system, the current governments will do what they can to stop us. They don't actually have much power though, and mostly use psychological fear tactics to stop us from moving towards this prosperous future. We must reverse this fear energy through peace, love, and compassion. These energies are far stronger, and by focusing our energies into what will work and ignoring any threats of terror, we will move forward. The further forward we move, focused on a new prosperous paradigm, the less power and faith the old governments have, and hence they collapse.

    We are successful, and there is only one option, 'change'. It's time to start now! Help the world by starting the movement towards the creation of sustainable communities for the new paradigm and a new world in greater harmony.

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  • Learn Spanish in Guatemala. Arco Iris Spanish School, San Pedro, Lake Atitlan
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    You want to learn Spanish?

    San Pedro La Laguna in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is the ideal place to study. Affordable and effective Spanish school offering plenty of Spanish courses.

    San Pedro La Laguna is also a very affordable place to spend some time on beautiful Lake Atitlan. An amazing lake surrounded by three large volcanoes. The town has many choices of accommodations, lots of shops and restaurants for all your shopping needs, and even a health food store. While relaxing and enjoying the culture, you can enroll in Spanish classes and learn a new language.

    Arco Iris Spanish School

    When teaching the spanish language, we use methods and techniques to facilitate active learning where the teacher and student interact with their ideas.

    Teaching Methods

    Arco Iris Spanish School unites different cultures through communication, promoting the transmission of Guatemalan culture by appropriate and relevant learning strategies. The school was founded on this vision and to help the sustainable development of our people.

    Experience of Our Teachers

    Our school has a long history of experience in teaching languages. The teachers have many years of experience and are enthusiastic and active in all the activities that take place in the school. One on one instruction means one teacher for each student. The school has been recognized since the year 2000, and we are proud of our students for their advancement in the Spanish language.

    Our Courses

    Arco Iris Spanish School offers customized courses in three levels:


    Depending on the student's knowledge level and their needs and interests, we use the best techniques to facilitate their learning. Our teachers are creative and innovative.

    US$95 - 1 week, 25 hours total, 5 hours/day.

    US$80 - 1 week, 20 hours total, 4 hours/day.

    US$65 - 1 week, 15 hours total, 3 hours/day.

    Contact Us to book your Spanish lessons now.


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  • Intentional Community Structure - Diversity Clusters
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    Intentional Community Structure - Diversity Clusters

    Intentional Community Structure - Diverse Tribe Clusters

    An intentional community, is a community that has been specificially formed based on the intentions of it's creators and members. Often formed as an alternative way of life from that offered by mainstream society, intentional communities serve the higher interests of the community members. Since the 60's intentional communities have become more and more popular, stimulated by an urge to turn on, tune in, and drop out. Many different community models have been tried, and many have failed to keep it's members long term.

    One of the ideas that started back in the 60's for intentional community lifestyle is free love and living very close with all the members. These community experiments have certainly shown us alternative ways of living, but far too often, the extreme switch from a distant sexually repressed community to a sexually free and intimate community lifestyle has eventually caused a disconnect from such communities. These communities were certainly created with the right intentions, but have sometimes chased away otherwise good-standing members. Getting ridiculed or pressured to have sex with others when desiring to settle with one person, or desiring privacy when pressured to maintain social connection with the group, has been the cause of some members leaving such communities.

    We have to realize that respecting diversity is necessary to bring about a successful intentional community. Creating spaces for privacy of members, as well as social gathering areas. Respecting peoples sexual preferences of both men, women, and single or multiple sex partners is important. Creating experimental playgrounds for community members to discover who and what they are, and what their living preferences truly are. If we limit what the intentions are for our intentional communities then we limit the number of members that will be attracted to live there.

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  • Indigenous Rights to Sovereign Nations
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    Indigenous Rights to Sovereign Nations

    Indigenous Rights to Sovereign Nations

    In the world we live in today, we have many ruling governments. Governments that have been given their power from the original conquering empire to those lands. Indigenous people have generally been given little to nothing, often as minorities in population and with few rights, stripped of their once sovereign nation's identity.

    It is not only unfair that the indigenous peoples of the world live poor under modern influence, however it is also improper that their rights to creating their own sovereign nations is undermined by their government. In Canada, through international courts, many indigenous tribes have won greater rights to their land and more sovereignty over their nations. It is inspiring to see progress, but there is still much progress to be made.

    As indigenous peoples, no one has more rights to the land than them. Therefor it may be time to create an international alliance of indigenous tribes and nations worldwide. Such an alliance would not need certification, as it would be above all sovereign countries status, like the United Nations. It will hold it's reputation based on all the sovereign countries of the world's indigenous people who join and ally their indigenous tribe with the world's indigenous alliance.

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TribeShares - Communities of Tribes

Tribeshares Overview

Tribeshares is a system for creating intentional communities within a greater community network to facilitate sharing of resources, knowledge, and technology. It is created to allow people the ability to join or create a sub-community (tribe) of their own, where they can express themselves more freely in a smaller self governed partition of a larger intentional community. This allows for a greater diversity of culture to flourish within the sub-communities (or tribes) which then shares in culture with the greater community (or realm).

Definition of a Tribe

A tribe is a 'family', not necessarily family by bloodline, but a group of people or friends that choose to live in very close proximity to each other. A tribe shares and governs an area of tribal land within a community, and it's members work together to create harmony and a level of sustainability within their tribe. A tribe will have it's own common amenities to manage, including bathrooms, showers, kitchens, gardens/nature, common areas and whatever the tribe wishes to create for their micro-community.

A tribe can be governed however they choose to govern themselves. This can be democratic, communist, anarchist, ruled by a chief, by consensus, or any system of their own that they come up with. As tribes are a lot smaller in scale to countries, any of the above forms of governing are a lot simpler, and won't require as much complexity. See our TribeShares Government Systems section for some examples. Upon deciding on a tribal governing system, a tribunal agreement outlining rules, guidelines and pledges will be signed by all members of the tribe and a corporation will be founded, with shares distributed to it's members (1 share per member). Alternatively depending on the goals and intentions of the tribe, an NGO could be created with members listed as it's directors.

Definition of a Realm

A realm is the greater community that holds within it all the tribes and their tribal lands in addition to common territory or common areas shared amongst all the tribes. The realm is governed by a council made up of representatives of the tribes that live there. The realm has a set of rules/guidelines which all tribes must follow despite their own individual sovereignty. These are simply ecological standards to protect the realm and all the tribes within it from the dangers of chemicals such as pesticides, GMO seeds and other things that would damage the environment which they all live within. The realm council can add to these guidelines or restrictions if needed, but it may require a referendum to enact new rules if a member of council requires it. Generally, the realm will be registered as an NGO with its council members listed as its directors. Under certain circumstances a corporation or trust could be founded instead, if the realm and it's tribes had ideas of business dealings they wished to involve themselves in.

Generally the realm council primarily deals with issues of the realm and management decisions of the common territory. Decisions regarding where funds or labour is allocated for the common territory is decided by democratic voting, majority rules. The council will meet once a month to make decisions, unless there is an emergency meeting called due to an urgent matter. The common territory will generally have a community center with a set of common facilities such as kitchen and bathrooms. It is also a place where sustainable food forests, gardens, and aquaponic systems may be setup.

The realm will require the collection of a form of contributions from the tribes members, however, this can be paid by either an international currency, the realms local alternative trading system, or by labour which has a rate value based on the local alternative currency. This allows communist or traditional tribal government systems that may not generally use a currency to do work in the realm gardens or community center upkeep rather than pay a fee. Alternatively if other tribes contribute in the form of currency, then jobs of the realm may come available, which members can put in work hours to earn and then exchange for some other goods or services. These contributions may vary from time to time, depending on the needs for upkeep of the realm. Maximums and/or minimums can be allocated depending on the needs or wants of the realm council (Eg. 1 workday or 10 units currency per month per citizen minimum. 5 workdays or 50 units per month per citizen maximum). Reasons contributions may go up, would be if the community center was in desperate need of repairs, or if the realm council voted that they wanted to have a swimming pool built.

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